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Some of my most recent projects

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Home Real Estate

Home Real Estate is a mobile app that lets you view real estate data in your neighborhood. Features include viewing maps, property information, homes for sale, and recently sold homes. You can search near top-rated schools and explore neighborhoods, browse homes for sale and for rent, and get instant notifications.

Languages & SDKs

Languages: Swift, Node.js

Frameworks: CoreData, CoreLocation, MessageUI, MapKit, UserNotifications,Contacts, AVFoundation, and Photos.

Libraries & SDK: Google Maps, Facebook ShareKit, WhatsApp

Backend: Passport with JWT, SocketIO, Azure service-bus, Notification-hub, bcryptjs, helmet, multer

Database & storage: MongoDB, Azure Blob-Storage


Fully functional messenger works like WhatsApp. Users can send multiple images, forward images to many other users at once, or share contact cards and property listings.


Utilizing Google Maps and Google Places SDK to help home buyers locating properties on map and what's nearby. It groups properties close to each other to optimize the display.


An inviting system works like a CRM. Users can load their contacts from their phone and our app and it will determine whether they are in your contact list, an existing user that you haven't added yet or a user who doesn't have an account with us yet. Users can invite their friends by text message, email, facebook, WhatsApp and Wechat. Only one click from our app and we will keep a record for you as well.


With the help of CoreData, our app has fast and reliable search functions for properties, favorite, contacts, messages and more. Filtering and sorting are also important when finding a perfect home to buy. We have 10+ filter criterias and 7 ways of sorting.

Share washi app image Share washi app image Share washi app image

Share Washi

Share Washi is a marketplace app built for a community of about 100,000 active users who consistently buy washi tapes to decorate their notebooks.


Languages & SDKs

Languages: Swift, Firebase cloud function with Node.js

Frameworks: StoreKit

Libraries & SDK: Firebase (database, storage, auth) and Stripe Connect

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Earn points

Sign in daily to earn 10 points (enabled at 12 am) that can be used towards advertising. A bonus of 20 points can be earned every 7 consecutive days.

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Companies and group organizers can easily set their CPC (cost per click) for each products and see their rank rise up. Rank is based on both CPC and created time to ensure customers have a chance to view the newest products.

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Generate orders

With Share Washi, collective group buying of Washi tapes is made possible. Each customer decides on how many meters they want to purchase. When the sale is over, Share Washi automatically either confirms or cancels the amount of meters a customer can buy based on how many complete rolls are ordered as a group. Customers who order first will get priority of sale.

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A.) Pay by credit card without registering to PayPal or Stripe. B.) Receive payment using a Stripe account. C.) Users who do not have a Stripe account, Share Washi will generate a deferred account using their email. Money will be sent to their Stripe account. All transactions can be viewed from the Share Washi app.

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I am a full stack iOS and web developer working with Swift or React on the front end and Node.js on the back end.

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