About Me

Technical professional in developing iOS mobile apps, knowledge of numerous technical applications and programming languages in Swift, React, Node.js/Javascript, HTML, CSS/Sass, and MongoDB. A motivated problem solver with an aptitude for innovation and solutions development.

My Background

I am ambitious and determined to succeed. I have always been an overachiever ever since I was young. My parents are both lawyers and taught me about discipline and hard work. I have learned how to master the skill of learning. While others may have one degree, I choose to pursue three degrees because I wanted to push my limits. I have a master's degree in law, and two bachelor's degree in English and International trade. You may be asking why did you become an iOS developer? This occured because I discovered at a young age my talent for math and logic.

I also discovered I have strong passion for technology, especially computers. I studied computer science and became quite good. I have the technical expertise and the industry knowlege to help top organizations succeed. I am a responsible iOS developer with 3 years experience. I've worked on small and large projects using Swift and Node.js. I've collaborated with product owners, Ui/UX designers, and other developers. Some of the projects included a real estate app, a marketplace app, health tracking app and other personal projects. If you think I'm a good fit for your company let me know. I'm always open to new opportunities.