Reconnect City App

Real estate app
My Role Lead iOS Developer
Tools Swift
Outcome iOS Mobile Application


Reconnect City is an iOS mobile app designed for real estate agents to connect with home buyers through technology. The business goals was to help real estate agents optimize customer management and to increase potential income. Features include viewing maps, property information, homes for sale, and recently sold homes. You can search near top-rated schools and explore neighborhoods, browse homes for sale and for rent, and get instant notifications.

Languages & SDKs

Languages: Swift, Node.js

Frameworks: CoreData, CoreLocation, MessageUI, MapKit, UserNotifications, Contacts, AVFoundation, and Photos.

Libraries & SDK: Google Maps, Facebook ShareKit, and WhatsApp

Backend: Passport with JWT, SocketIO, Azure service-bus, Notification-hub, bcryptjs, helmet, multer

Database & storage: MongoDB, Azure Blob-Storage

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